SAP Next-Gen Team in NYC
Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field. Together, we create value to drive innovation with purpose supporting the 17 UN Global Goals for sustainable development.
Ann Rosenberg
Senior Vice President & Global Head of SAP Next-Gen
Sandra Moerch-Petersen
Site Manager of the SAP Leonardo Center in New York
Global Head of the SAP Next-Gen Brand
Ben Christensen
Global Lead for SAP Next-Gen Science Fiction Community
Global Head of Social Media
Elizabeth (Libby) Eddy
Chief of Staff
Gregory Dietz
Chief of Operations for SAP Next-Gen NYC
Global Lead for SAP Next-Gen Science Fiction Community
Johanna Latt
Software Development Lead
Charlotte Ruge
Communication Lead
Ana Apostolovska
Graphic Designer
Marvin Hezel
Customer Experience Lead
Kelly Cannon
Communications & Content
Anina Monteforte
Social Media & Operations
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